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LAFOREY destroyers (22, 1913 - 1916)




Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Laertes (ex-Sarpedon) H94, H45   Swan Hunter, Wallsend 7/1912 5.6.1913 10.1913 sold 12.1921
Lysander (ex-Ulysses) H93, H68   Swan Hunter, Wallsend 8/1912 18.8.1913 12/1913 sold 6.1922
Laforey (ex-Florizel) H03   Fairfield, Govan 9/1912 30.10.1913 2/1914 sunk 25.3.1917
Lawford (ex-Ivanhoe) H06, H53   Fairfield, Govan 9/1912 30.10.1913 5/1914 sold 8.1922
Llewellyn (ex-Picton) H99, H61   Beardmore, Dalmuir 12/1912 30.10.1913 3/1914 sold 3.1922
Loyal (ex-Orlando) H80, H63   Denny, Dumbarton 10.1912 11.11.1913 5/1914 sold 11.1921
Louis (ex-Talisman) H07   Fairfield, Govan 12.1912 30.12.1913 5/1914 wrecked 31.10.1915
Legion (ex-Viola) H79, H54, F94   Denny, Dumbarton 9.1912 3.2.1914 7/1914 sold 5.1921
Lance (ex-Daring) H23, H46   Thornycroft, Woolston 8.1912 25.2.1914 7/1914 sold 11.1921
Lydiard (ex-Waverley) H08, H66   Fairfield, Govan 12.1912 26.2.1914 6/1914 sold 11.1921
Lennox (ex-Portia) H95, H55   Beardmore, Dalmuir 11.1912 17.3.1914 5/1914 sold 10.1921
Lookout (ex-Dragon) H24, H62   Thornycroft, Woolston 8.1912 27.4.1914 8/1914 sold 8.1922
Laurel (ex-Redgauntlet) H91, H51   White, Cowes 8/1912 6.5.1913 3.1914 sold 11.1921 White 2-funnelled type
Liberty (ex-Rosalind) H81, H57   White, Cowes 8/1912 15.9.1913 1914 sold 11.1921 White 2-funnelled type
Lark (ex-Haughty) H34, H49   Yarrow, Scotstoun 6/1912 26.5.1913 11/1913 sold 1.1923 Yarrow 2-funnelled type
Linnet (ex-Havock) H43, H59   Yarrow, Scotstoun 6/1912 16.8.1913 12.1913 sold 11.1921 Yarrow 2-funnelled type
Laverock (ex-Hereward) H53   Yarrow, Scotstoun 7/1912 19.11.1913 10.1914 sold 5.1921 Yarrow 2-funnelled type
Landrail (ex-Hotspur) H54, H47   Yarrow, Scotstoun 7.1912 7.2.1914 6/1914 sold 12.1921 Yarrow 2-funnelled type
Lassoo (ex-Magic) G01, F41   Beardmore, Dalmuir 1.1915 24.8.1915 10.1915 sunk 13.8.1916 War emergency repeat "L" class
Lochinvar (ex-Malice) G06, F42, F52   Beardmore, Dalmuir 1.1915 9.10.1915 12.1915 sold 11.1921 War emergency repeat "L" class
Leonidas (ex-Rob Roy) H20,H56   Palmers, Jarrow 10.1912 30.10.1913 8/1914 sold 5.1921 Parsons specials
Lucifer (ex-Rocket) H22, H64   Palmers, Jarrow 10.1912 29.12.1913 8/1914 sold 12.1921 Parsons specials

Technical data

Displacement normal, t

965 - 1010

Displacement full, t

1150 - 1300

Length, m


Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



Llewelyn, Lennox, Loyal, Legion, Laertes, Lysander, Lance, Lookout, Lochinvar, Lassoo: 2 Parsons steam turbines, 4 Yarrow boilers

Laforey, Lawford, Louis, Lydiard: 2 Brown-Curtis steam turbines, 4 Yarrow boilers

Leonidas, Lucifer: 2 sets Parsons geared steam turbines, 4 Yarrow boilers

Laurel, Liberty: 2 Parsons steam turbines, 3 White-Forster boilers

Lark, Landrail, Laverock, Linnet: 2 Brown-Curtis steam turbines, 3 Yarrow boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 268

Endurance, nm(kts) 

3 x 1 - 102/40 QF Mk IV, 1 x 1 - 7.7/87, 2 x 2 - 533 TT (4), 4 Elia Mk IV mines



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Project history

Destroyers were built by various yards and outwardly significantly differed from each other (in particular, Laurel, Liberty, Lark, Landrail, Laverock and Linnet had 3 boilers instead of 4 and two funnells. Ardent had two funnells and 4 boilers).

The step-by-step improvements in previous designs showed to good advantage in the destroyers of the 1912-13 Programme. Although originally given Shakespearian and Waverley Novel names they were all given 'L' names by Admiralty order of 30 September 1913, thus becoming the first alphabetical class under the new organisation. After some discussion about the possibilily of finding a design cheaper than the Acorns, in January 1912 the Controller issued a fresh Staff Requirement for a twin-screw TBD with 24,500shp, 3 102mm semiautomatic guns, iwo twin torpedo-tubes and three boilers. Following the success of the semi-geared turbines in Badger and Beaver (Garland had not been laid down) two, Leonidas and Lucifer, were to have 'all-geared' turbines. Frahm anti-rolling tanks were also approved. As designed the'Ls' had short level funnels like the Acherons but height was raised to 6m during construction. The White and Yarrow boats were two-funnelled but the rest had three funnels. As built all were fitted to stow and lay 4 Vickers Elia Mk.IV mines, but there is no record of them laying these mines, and when the Elia Mk.IV was replaced by the 'H' type in 1917 ihere was no reason to retain the capability. Two additional boats were ordered from Beardmore late in 1914. They were intended to be extra 'M' class vessels but to save time the builders were ordered to repeat the design of the two 'L's already in hand, and they were renamed in February 1915.


1917, all but Lawford and Legion: can not carry mines.

1917, Lawford, Legion: were converted to carry new "H" type mines.

1917-1918, most survived: + 1 x 1 - 40/39 2pdr QF Mk II

Naval service

Laforey was sunk by British mine in English Channel 25.3.1917, Lassoo was mined or torpedoed by German submarine off Maass lightship 13.8.1916. Louis was wrecked 31.10.1915 in Dardanelles (Suvla Bay) and demolished by Turkish coastal artillery.