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Latest updates

28 December 2020: Navypedia Magazine 2020-3 is available!

04 December 2020: Морская Кампания 2020-1, бумажное издание - тираж готов к продаже

02 November 2020: Early Thornycroft-built torpedo boats (1873-1885) also is available in high resolution and on Amazon

27 October 2020: France 1850 - 1900.

27 September 2020: Navypedia Reference 1.4. WWII British and Commonwealth submarines, corvettes, minesweepers and minelayers. Also available on Amazon.

11 September 2020: Navypedia Reference 1.3 was released: British and Commonwealth destroyers (part 2), escort destroyers, sloops and frigates.

22 July 2020: Navypedia magazine 2020/2 released.

We would be very grateful to those who not only downloaded the free version, but also left the feedback on Amazon. We do good to you, you to us.

17 July 2020: printed versions of our editions are available!

20 June 2020: e-version of Navypedia Reference Part 1.2 is available for download. British light cruisers and pre-WWII destroyers up to 'Tribal' class. 39 articles, 93 photos, 88 side view drawings.

07 June 2020: e-version of Navypedia Reference Part 1.1 is available for download. First series of Navypedia Reference is dedicated to ships of all navies of the World War II era. First issue consisted data of British capital ships, aircraft carrying ships and heavy cruisers. 44 articles, 70 photos, 48 side view drawings.

30 May 2020: e-version of NAVYPEDIA MAGAZINE 2020/1 was issued in our e-shop

24 May 2020: Royal Navy 1850-1900

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Welcome to e-shop

12 May 2020: We open Navypedia e-shop - fan shop for naval history enthusiasts!

April 2020: many new high quality photos and drawings in British, French, US and Russian volumes.