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"Condottieri 3rd group" type light cruisers (RAIMONDO MONTECUCCOLI) (1935)


Raimondo Montecuccoli pre-war


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Raimondo Montecuccoli 1953- C552   Ansaldo, Genoa 1.10.1931 2.8.1934 30.6.1935 stricken 6.1964
Muzio Attendolo     CRDA, Trieste 10.4.1931 9.9.1934 7.8.1935 damaged 13.8.1942, repair incomplete

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t

Montecuccoli: 8853

Attendolo: 8848

Length, m

Montecuccoli: 166.7 pp 182.2 oa

Attendolo: 166.2 pp 182.2 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m

6.00 mean deep

No of shafts



Montecuccoli: 2 sets Beluzzo geared steam turbines, 6 Yarrow boilers

Attendolo: 2 sets Parsons geared steam turbines, 6 Yarrow boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

Montecuccoli: oil 1297

Attendolo: oil 1275

Endurance, nm(kts)4122(18)
Armour, mm

belt: 60 + 25, bulkheads: 40 - 20, decks: 30 - 20, barbettes: 50 - 30, turrets: 70, CT: 100 - 40, communication tube: 30


4 x 2 - 152/53 OTO 1929, 3 x 2 - 100/47 OTO 1928, 4 x 2 - 37/54 Breda 1932, 4 x 2 - 13.2/76, 2 x 2 - 533 TT, 1 catapult, 2 seaplanes (M.41, Cant.25), 2 DCT (12), 112 - 146 mines


588 - 650

Standard scale images

<i>Raimondo Montecuccoli </i>1963
Raimondo Montecuccoli 1963
<i>Raimondo Montecuccoli</i> 1940
Raimondo Montecuccoli 1940
<i>Raimondo Montecuccoli </i>1942
Raimondo Montecuccoli 1942


<i>Raimondo Montecuccoli</i> pre-war
Raimondo Montecuccoli pre-war
<i>Raimondo Montecuccoli</i> 1953
Raimondo Montecuccoli 1953

Project history

Built under the 1930-1931 programme. Attempt to create more balanced, than "Condottieri" of the two first series, ship. At the expense of increasing displacement (more than on 2000t), it was possible to improve seaworthiness and protection notably. The armour weight, in comparison with predecessors, has increased more than in 2.5 times: from 575 to 1350t.

Armouring scheme basically repeated accepted on 1st and 2nd "Condottieri" series, but with significant increase in a thickness of its elements (an external armoured belt was 60mm-thick, longitudinal bulkhead between end barbettes was 25mm and 30mm abreast magazines). Besides, the plating above an armoured belt (on all board high) was fulfilled by 20mm plating. Unfortunately, increasing of vertical protection has not been added by adequate growth of horizontal ones, (only 30mm deck over belt and 20mm at ship ends). As consequence, a cruiser had no immunity zone under fire of 203mm guns and very narrow zone (about 12cables, from 69 to 81 cables) under fire of 152mm guns.

Practically invariable there was a structure of armament arrangement, only aviation catapult was transferred to a new place between funnels. It has been fulfilled partially turnable and could turn on a certain angle (to 30°) from centre line.

En echelon scheme of machinery arrangement has not undergone changes, the truth, its power has been a little raised for compensation of displacement growth. For raise of damage tolerance of stretched machinery space all boilers took places in individual rooms (except fwd boiler room No1 with two boilers). On trials Montecuccoli exceeded contract 37kts and reached 38.7kts, however thus her displacement was less than standard, and machinery power exceeded designed on 18%. During service they easily kept 34kts speed.

3rd "Condottieri" series ships have appeared much more successful, than their predecessors, and became the first rigorous light cruisers of the Italian fleet.

Ship protection

Main 60mm belt extended up to main deck between center of "A" and fore side "X" barbettes, 25mm longitudinal splinter bulkhead (30mm abreast magazines) placed inside hull in 2m from side. The belt was closed by 40mm upper and 20mm lower bulkheads. All side above the main belt and the platform between lower edge of the belt and longitudinal splinter bulkhead had 20mm thickness. Flat 30mm main deck connected with upper edge of main belt, main deck outside citadel had 20mm thickness. Barbettes had 50mm protection above weather decks, 45mm between weather and main decks and 30mm below main deck. CT had 100mm sides, 30mm roof and 25mm deck, rest of tower superstructure had 50-40mm protection.

Modernizations 7.

1943, Raimondo Montecuccoli: + EC.3/ter radar

late 1943, Raimondo Montecuccoli: - 4 x 2 - 13.2/76; + 10 x 1 - 20/70 Oerlikon

1944, Raimondo Montecuccoli: - 2 x 2 - 533 TT; + 2 x 1 - 20/70 Oerlikon, type 291 radar

early 1945, Raimondo Montecuccoli: - catapult with seaplanes

(1947 - mid-1949), Raimondo Montecuccoli: two boilers were removed (75000shp, 29kts); - 1 x 2 - 152/53 ("B"), 1 x 2 - 100/47, 4 x 2 - 37/54, 8 x 1 - 20/70; + 4 x 2 - 40/60 Mk 1, new radars; displacement was 7675/8994t, 5.4m draught.

Naval service

Raimondo Montecuccoli was hard damaged by bombs of American aircraft 4.12.1942 at Naples and was under repair to the mid-1943. Raimondo Montecuccoli was used as TS from 1947.

Muzio Attendolo 13.8.1942 was damaged by a torpedo from British submarine Unbroken, explosion broken off a fore end. During repair at Naples 4.12.1942 she was sunk by bombs of American aircraft.