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FOUDRE dock landing ships (1990 - 1998)


Sciroco 2002


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Foudre L9011   DCN, Brest 26.3.1986 19.11.1988 7.12.1990 to Chile 12.2011 (Sargento Aldea)
Siroco L9012   DCN, Brest 9.5.1995 14.12.1996 21.12.1998 to Brazil 8.2015 (Bahia)

Technical data

Displacement standard, t

L9011: 9300

L9012: 9500

Displacement full, t

L9011: 11880

L9012: 12013

Length, m

160.0 pp 168.0 oa

Breadth, m

22.0 wl 23.5 oa

Draught, m

5.60 mean 9.10 flooded

No of shafts



2 SEMT-Pielstick 16 PC2.5 V400 diesels

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

diesel oil

Endurance, nm(kts)



L9011: 2 x 2 Simbad SAM (~16 Mistral), 1 x 1 - 40/60 Mk 7, 2 x 1 - 20/90 MIT-20F2, 4 x 1 - 12.7/90, 4 helicopters (AS.332 Super Puma)

L9012: 2 x 2 Simbad SAM (~16 Mistral), 3 x 1 - 30/82 OTOBreda-Mauser F Mod. 564, 4 x 1 - 12.7/90, 4 helicopters (AS.332 Super Puma)

Military load

2 CDIC or 10 CTM, 2 LCVP, 40 tanks and combat vehicles, 70 jeeps and trucks, 470 troops

Electronic equipment

L9011: 2x DRBN-32, DRBN-35 radars

L9012: 2x DRBN-34A, DRBN-35, DRBV-21A radars, 2x DIBC-2A E/O directors, ARBB-36 ECM suite, SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy, SENIT 8.01 CCS



Standard scale images

<i>Foudre </i>2000
Foudre 2000


<i>Sciroco </i>2002
Sciroco 2002

Project history

The TCDs of the Foudre class were designed as replacements for the Ouragan class. Three were to have been ordered under the 1984-88 naval programme, but budgetary problems resulted in construction of the second and third ships being deferred. The second ship was authorised in 1994 for completion in 1998.

These ships are larger than Ouragan and Orage, and are designed to embark a 350-man mechanised regiment of the Force d'Action Rapide, together with 1080t of combat vehicles and cargo. Like their predecessors, they have a secondary role as mobile logistics and support ships. Improvements over the Ouragan class include: a higher transit speed; a hangar for four Super Puma helicopters; an elevator with a capacity of 52t connecting the docking well with the vehicle/cargo decks; a side ramp for rapid embarkation of vehicles from the dockside; permanent accommodation for 470 troops (Ouragan could embark this number only in an emergency); and advanced hospital facilities.

The docking well measures 122x13.5m and can accommodate a maximum of ten 24m CTM landing craft, or two of the CDIC tank landing craft. Two LCVP are suspended from davits abeam the after part of the docking well. The docking well can accept any of the standard French overseas patrol and support craft, including the 400t Super Patra, the BSR (Bâtiment de Soutien Regional) of the Chamois and RR 2000 types, and coastal tugs. It is served by a fixed 37t crane to starboard and transfer mechanisms to lift machinery and heavy equipment. The workshops can handle a wide variety of repair and maintenance tasks.

Two Super Puma helicopters can operate simultaneously from the 47x23m flight deck amidships, and the fitting of a removable 30x15m deck in five 6m sections above the docking well provides either an additional helicopter spot or a 40% increase in vehicle parking space. Abeam the after end of the hangar, to port, a second 37t crane serves the flight deck area. The hospital facilities are located directly beneath the flight deck to facilitate the transfer of casualties from the helicopters.

The main propulsion machinery is identical to that of the fleet oilers of the Durance class. This facilitates maintenance and gives the ships a speed advantage of 4kts over the Ouragan class. Twin bow thrusters are fitted to keep the ships steady when embarking and disembarking landing craft. The computer-based amphibious command centre, which is housed in the forward superstructure, is served by an advanced communications suite which includes the Syracuse satcom system.

The second ship, Sciroco, has a larger flight deck, a more extensive AA armament comprising single Breda-Mauser 30mm guns and Simbad SAM launchers, and the DRBV 21 radar for controlling aircraft over land. In 1997 Foudre was modernized by that standard.


1997, Foudre: armament and electronics as Siroco (2 x 2 Simbad SAM (~16 Mistral), 3 x 1 - 30/82 OTOBreda-Mauser F Mod. 564, 4 x 1 - 12.7/90, 4 helicopters (AS.332 Super Puma), 2x DRBN-34A, DRBN-35, DRBV-21A radars, 2x DIBC-2A E/O directors, ARBB-36 ECM suite, SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy, SENIT 8.01 CCS)

2002, Foudre: + 1 x 2 Simbad SAM (~24 Mistral at all)

Naval service

No significant events.