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LE NORMAND frigates (1956 - 1960)


L'Alsacien 1980


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate Modification
Le Normand F765   F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 7.1953 13.2.1954 13.11.1956 stricken 10.1983 E 52 type
Le Picard F766   A C de la Loire, Nantes 12.12.1953 31.5.1954 20.9.1956 stricken 12.1979 E 52 type
Le Gascon F767   A C de la Loire, Nantes 1.4.1954 23.10.1954 29.3.1957 stricken 9.1977 E 52 type
Le Lorrain F768   F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 2.1954 19.6.1954 1.1.1957 stricken 3.1976 E 52 type
Le Bourguignon F769   Penhoët, St-Nazaire 23.4.1954 28.1.1956 11.7.1957 stricken 9.1976 E 52 type
Le Champenois F770   A C de la Loire, Nantes 20.8.1954 12.3.1955 1.6.1957 stricken 8.1975 E 52 type
Le Savoyard F771   F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 11.1953 7.5.1955 14.6.1957 stricken 2.1980 E 52 type
Le Breton F772   Arsenal de Lorient 2.11.1954 23.4.1955 20.8.1957 stricken 4.1976 E 52 type
Le Basque F773   Arsenal de Lorient 3.5.1955 25.2.1956 18.10.1957 stricken 12.1979 E 52 type
L'Agenais F774   Arsenal de Lorient 3.8.1955 26.1.1957 14.5.1958 trials ship A784 late 1979, stricken 11.1985 E 52 type
Le Béarnais F775   Arsenal de Lorient 15.12.1955 26.1.1957 18.10.1958 stricken 6.1979 E 52 type
L'Alsacien F776   Arsenal de Lorient 2.7.1956 26.1.1957 27.8.1960 stricken 9.1981 E 52B type
Le Provencal F777   Arsenal de Lorient 1.2.1957 5.10.1957 6.11.1959 stricken 3.1981 E 52B type
Le Vendéen F778   F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 11.3.1957 27.7.1957 1.10.1960 trials ship A778 1.1981, stricken 6.1982 E 52B type

Technical data

Displacement standard, t1250
Displacement full, t


Length, m

95.1 pp 99.7 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 sets Rateau or Parsons geared steam turbines, 2 Indret boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 310

Endurance, nm(kts)4500(15)

E52: 3 x 2 - 57/60 Mod 1951, 2 x 1 - 20/70 Mk 4, 4 x 3 - 550 TT (24 K2/L3), 1 x 6 - 375 Bofors Mk 54 ASWRL, 2 DCT, 1 DCR

E52B: 2 x 2 - 57/60 Mod 1951, 2 x 1 - 20/70 Mk 4, 4 x 3 - 550 TT (12 K2/L3), 1 x 4 - 305 ASWRL, 2 DCT, 1 DCR

Electronic equipment

early ships: DRBV-20A, DRBV-31, DRBC-31 radars, DUBV-1, DUBA-1 sonars

later ships: DRBV-22A, DRBV-31, DRBC-31 radars, DUBV-1, DUBA-1 sonars

E52B: DRBV-22A, DRBV-31, DRBC-31 radars, DUBV-24, DUBA-1 sonars



Standard scale images

<i>Le Normand </i>1960
Le Normand 1960
<i>L'Agenais </i>1960
L'Agenais 1960
<i>L'Alsacien </i>1960
L'Alsacien 1960
<i>Le Normand </i>1970
Le Normand 1970
<i>L'Agenais </i>1970
L'Agenais 1970
<i>L'Alsacien </i>1970
L'Alsacien 1970
<i>L'Agenais </i>1980
L'Agenais 1980
<i>Le Normand </i>1980
Le Normand 1980
<i>L'Alsacien </i>1980
L'Alsacien 1980


<i>L'Alsacien </i>1980
L'Alsacien 1980

Project history

E 52 was a follow-on design from the E 50 incorporating a number of improvements. The first seven units, ordered in 1952, were financed under MDAP. The remaining ships were paid for by France; two were ordered in 1953, two in 1954 and three in 1955.

The major difference in layout compared to E 50 was the relocation of the ASW tubes, together with their ready-use lockers, from 01 deck forward to the upper deck amidships. Besides reducing topweight this had the effect of freeing the forward position for the Bofors ASWRL with a consequent improvement in arcs.

The first vessels completed had a similar radar fit to E 50, but later units were fitted from the start with the new DRBV-22A air search radar, which was carried at a lower level than the DRBV-20A. All ships were tater brought up to the same standard.

In place of the tiered bridge structure of the earlier ships, L'Agenais and Le Béarnais was given a large single block extending well forward, the fire control position being relocated on top.

The last three ships of the class incorporated a number of important modifications, and were known as the Type E 52B. The 57mm mounting in 'X' position was replaced by a large quadruple 305mm ASW mortar of a new design. The Bofors ASWRL was deleted and the forward 57mm mounting moved into its place to improve arcs. Reload magazines for the ASW torpedoes were removed, suggesting that the early vessels of the E 50 and E 52 classes may have suffered from excessive topweight. The E 52B class units had the larger bridge structure introduced by the previous two ships and in addition had the Strombos-Velensi funnel cap. Two further vessels of this type were included in the 1957 naval estimates but were cancelled due to financial problems.

In 1954 plans were drawn up for a new class of austere convoy escorts. Dimensions were 89.0x9.5m on a displacement of 1000t standard. ASW armament was to be on a par with the E 50, but AA armament was restricted to four 40mm. The first three ships were to have been laid down at Lorient but the design was not proceeded with.


late 1950s, early ships: - DRBV-20A radar; + DRBV-22A radar

mid-1960s, Le Savoyard, Le Breton, Le Basque: bridge was modified as on later ships; - 1 x 2 - 57/60(aft) (MSBS tracking equipment was installed on its place)

mid-1960s, Le Savoyard: - 1 x 2 - 57/60(aft) (MSBS tracking equipment was installed on its place)

late 1970s, Le Basque: - MSBS tracking equipment; + fire control equipment for Otomat SSM

1979, L'Agenais: - 1 x 2 - 57/60(aft), 2 x 3 - 550 TT(fwd); + VDS sonar.

1981, Le Vendéen: - 1 x 2 - 57/60(aft); + 1 x 1 - 550 TT (stern, firing aft) for wire-guided torpedoes.

Naval service

No significant events.