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YUNG CHIEN gunboats (1915-1916)


Yung Chien 1929


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
永谦 [Yung Chien], 1951- 延安 [Yen An]     Kiangnan DYd, Shanghai 1914 1914 1915 scuttled 25.8.1937, re-commissioned 1946, stricken 1964
永解 [Yung Chi]     Kiangnan DYd, Shanghai 1914 1915 1916 sunk 21.10.1938, to Nanking 5.1940 (海兴 [Hai Hsing]), re-captured 9.1945, stricken 1964

Technical data

Displacement normal, t860
Displacement full, t1039
Length, m62.5 pp 65.7 oa
Breadth, m9.00
Draught, m3.50
No of shafts2
Machinery2 VTE, 2 watertube boilers
Power, h. p.1350
Max speed, kts13
Fuel, tcoal 150
Endurance, nm(kts) 
Armour, mmdeck: 25
Armament1 x 1 - 102/50 Armstrong P, 1 x 1 - 76/40 Armstrong N, 4 x 1 - 47/40 Hotchkiss, 2 x 1 - 37/27 Maxim

Standard scale images

<i>Yung Chien </i>1937
Yung Chien 1937


<i>Yung Chien </i> 1929
Yung Chien 1929
<i>Yeng An </i> 1947  
Yeng An 1947  

Project history

Built under the 1910 Programme in Shanghai as third and fourth ships of Yung Feng class, but under slightly changed design, with poop.


1946, Yung Chien: was armed by 2 x 1 - 76/40 3-shiki

Naval service

Yung Chien was sunk 25.8.1937 by Japanese ships (on other data by aircrafts from carrier Kaga) at Kiangnan shipyard in Shanghai where she was under repair; 18.12.1937 she was salvaged by Japanese, repaired and 25.10.1938 commissioned by IJN as depot ship Asuka; in 1945 she was converted to AA ship and rearmed; 7.5.1945 she was sunk by American aircraft in a mouth of Yellow River. After war she was salvaged and commissioned again under former name as gunboat; since 1949 she served under PRC flag, in 1951 renamed Yen An and stricken in 1964. Yung Chi 21.10.1938 was hard damaged by Japanese aircraft on Yangtze off in r-not Jinshi and ran aground; 8.11.1938 she was captured by Japanese, salvaged, repaired later and 22.5.1940 transferred to puppet Nanjing Government as Hai Hsing. In September, 1945 she was captured by Kuomintang army and commissioned under former name. 25.4.1949 she was sunk by communists forces on Yangtze, subsequently salvaged and commissioned by PRC Navy under former name, stricken in 1964.