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FARRAGUT missile frigates (1959 - 1961)


Luce 1979


No Name Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comm Fate
DLG6, 6.1975- DDG37 Farragut 1656 Bethlehem, Quincy 3.6.1957 15.7.1958 10.12.1960 stricken 11.1992
DLG7, 6.1975- DDG38 Luce 1657 Bethlehem, Quincy 1.10.1957 11.12.1958 20.5.1961 stricken 11.1992
DLG8, 6.1975- DDG39 MacDonough 1658 Bethlehem, Quincy 15.4.1958 9.7.1959 4.11.1961 stricken 11.1992
DLG9, 6.1975- DDG40 Coontz   Puget Sound N Yd, Bremerton 1.3.1957 6.12.1958 15.7.1960 stricken 1.1990
DLG10, 6.1975- DDG41 King   Puget Sound N Yd, Bremerton 1.3.1957 6.12.1958 17.11.1960 stricken 11.1992
DLG11, 6.1975- DDG42 Mahan   Mare Island N Yd, San Francisco 31.7.1957 7.10.1959 25.8.1960 stricken 6.1993
DLG12, 6.1975- DDG43 Dahlgren   Philadelphia N Yd 1.3.1958 16.3.1960 8.4.1961 stricken 11.1992
DLG13, 6.1975- DDG44 William V. Pratt   Philadelphia N Yd 1.3.1958 16.3.1960 4.11.1961 stricken 11.1992
DLG14, 6.1975- DDG45 Dewey 333 Bath Iron Wks 10.8.1957 30.11.1958 7.12.1959 stricken 11.1992
DLG15, 6.1975- DDG46 Preble 334 Bath Iron Wks 16.12.1957 23.5.1959 9.5.1960 stricken 11.1992

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

149.4 wl 156.3 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



DLG6-8: 2 sets De Laval geared steam turbines, 4 Foster Wheeler boilers

DLG9-14: 2 sets Allis Chalmers geared steam turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers

DLG15: 2 sets De Laval geared steam turbines, 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 900

Endurance, nm(kts)5000(20)

1 x 2 Terrier SAM (40 RIM-2), 1 x 8 ASROC ASuR (8 RUR-5), 1 x 1 - 127/54 Mk 42, 2 x 2 - 76/50 Mk 33, 2 x 3 - 324 Mk 32 TT (12)

Electronic equipment

DLG6, 14, 15: SPS-53, SPS-10B, SPS-29, SPS-37, 2x SPQ-5, SPG-53A, 2x Mk 35 radars, SQS-23 sonar, WLR-1, WLR-11, ULQ-6B ECM suites

DLG7-13: SPS-53, SPS-10B, SPS-29, SPS-37, 2x SPG-55A, SPG-53A, 2x Mk 35 radars, SQS-23 sonar, WLR-1, WLR-11, ULQ-6B ECM suites



<i>Luce </i>1979
Luce 1979

Project history

These were the first missile-armed fleet escorts designed and built as such, although the first three were originally to have been armed only with guns. They were designed on the recommendation of the Schindler Committee on the Long Range Shipbuilding Plan (1954), which argued for the construction of specialized Fast Task Force Escorts primarily for anti-aircraft screening, with submarine detection (for warning) but not destruction as an important secondary task. The resulting design called for four single rapid-fire 127mm/54s as well as two twin 76mm/50s; ASW weapons were limited to a single depth-charge track aft, a pair of fixed Hedgehogs (as in destroyers), and a quintuple torpedo tube intended primarily 'to embarrass enemy heavy units attempting to attack the carrier task force', as at Samar 1944.

Throughout the design, the installation of Terrier in place of the two after 127mm/54s was carried as an alternative, and in 1955 the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Carney, personally decided that half of the FY56 ships were to be built as missile frigates. His successor, Admiral Burke, decided to accelerate the introduction of missiles into the fleet by ordering all six FY56 ships as missile ships. Meanwhile development of new anti-surface ship torpedoes was abandoned, and the planned quintuple trainable tubes, which were not compatible with existing long-range anti-submarine torpedoes, were dropped from the project. At about the same time, however, the advent of Soviet nuclear submarines, which were capable of attacking even fast task forces, made ASW a more important function of fast fleet escorts. Thus these ships were redesigned, first for the rocket-assisted torpedo (RAT) and then for ASROC, which replaced one of the two forward 127mm/54s which had survived the transformation from all-gun to gun-and-missile frigates. At the same time their sonar was upgraded from the SQS-4 to the much larger SQS-23.


1970-1977, all: - 1 x 2 Terrier SAM, 2 x 2 - 76/50, SPS-29, SPS-37, 2x SPG-55A or 2x SPQ-5A, 2x Mk 35 radars; + 1 x 2 Standard SM-1ER SAM (40 RIM-66), SPS-48C, SPS-49, 2x SPG-55B radars, NTDS CCS

1970, Farragut: ASROC stowage raised to 16 RUR-5 at all

1973-1974, King: + 2 x 6 - 20/76 Mk 15 Phalanx, 2x Mk 90 radars (temporarily for tests)

1973-1975, Coontz: + 2 x 6 - 20/76 Vulcan (temporarily for tests)

1977-1979, Farragut, Coontz, Dahlgren; 1980-1983, Luce, Macdonough, King, Mahan, William V. Pratt, Dewey, Preble: + 2 x 4 Harpoon SSM (8 RGM-84)

1982-1985, all: - SQS-23 sonar, WLR-1, WLR-11, ULQ-6B ECM suites; + 4 x 1 - 12.7/90, SPS-48C, SPS-49 radar, SQQ-23A PAIR sonar, SLQ-32(v)2 ECM suite, 4x Mk 36 SRBOC decoy RL

1983, Mahan: - 1 x 2 Standard SM-1ER SAM (40 RIM-66), SPS-48C, SPS-49 radars; + 1 x 2 Standard SM-2ER Block II SAM (40 RIM-67), SPS-48E, SPS-49(v)5 radars, SYS-2 IADT CCS

Naval service

No significant events.