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OSMANİYE broadside ironclads (1865-1866)


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Osmaniye (ex-Gazi Osman)     Napier, Glasgow, UK 3/1863 2.9.1864 11/1865 stricken 7.1909
Aziziye (ex-Abdül Aziz)     Napier, Glasgow, UK 5/1863 12/1864 8/1865 barrack vessel 1904
Orhaniye     Napier, Glasgow, UK 1863 26.6.1865 1866 stricken 7.1909
Mahmudiye     Thames Iron Wks, Blackwall, UK 1864 13.12.1864 1866 stricken 7.1909

Technical data

Displacement normal, t6400
Displacement full, t 
Length, m91.4 oa 89.3 pp
Breadth, m17.0
Draught, m7.90
No of shafts1
Machinery1 HDA, 6 rectangular boilers
Power, h. p.3735
Max speed, kts12
Fuel, tcoal 750
Endurance, nm(kts) 
Armour, mmiron; belt: 140, ends: 76, battery: 127, battery ends: 114
Armament1 x 1 - 229/14 Armstrong 12.5-ton MLR, 14 x 1 - 203/15 Armstrong 9-ton MLR, 10 x 1 - 175/12 36pdr Armstrong SBML

Standard scale images

Osmaniye 1865
Osmaniye 1865

Project history

Iron-hulled broadside ironclads laid down in 1863-64 and completed in 1865-66. They were rigged as three-masted barques and had a single telescopic funnel. The rig was removed in the 1880s. They had a ram bow with a 102mm iron breastwork on the upper deck forward protecting the 229mm 12.5t Armstrong ML gun. The 203mm 9t Armstrong MLRs were on the upper and main deck broadsides, as were the 36pdr smoothbores.

They were converted to central battety ships, and were rearmed with 2 240mm/35 Krupp BL, 8-149mm/25 Krupp BL and other guns. The 234mm were mounted fore and aft in 254mm wooden barbettes plated with 13mm steel and had 25mm shields. The 149mm and 105mm were on the broadside amidships. They were cut down fore and aft and filled with a CT and two military masts. The original machinery was retained but they were fitted with cyl boilers. Their normal displacement was reduced to 6299t. In 1904 it was proposed to reconstruct them, but they were in such poor condition that this was not carried out. They were to have been re-engined, reboilered, and rearmed with 1 203mm/45 QF and 9 149mm QF. New steel armour was to have been fitted, with a 254mm belt, 127mm barbettes, 76mm turrets and a 38mm protective deck.

Ship protection: The belt extended 0.8m above lwl and 1.8m below amidships, but only 1.4m below at the ends.

Modernizations: 1884, all: - 10 x 1 - 175/12; + 4 x 1 - 47/37 SK L/40 C/99, 2 x 4 - 25/42 Nordenfelt

(1890-1894, Tersane-i Amire-Ansaldo, Istanbul) Osmaniye, Aziziye; (1892-1894, Tersane-i Amire-Ansaldo, Istanbul) Orhaniye, Mahmudiye: re-engined and reboilered with 2 shafts: 2 VTE, 6 cylindrical boilers, 3735hp, 10kts (Mahmudiye 12.5kts); 240mm guns received 13mm barbettes and 25mm shields, CT was installed; new armament consisted of 2 x 1 - 235/32 MRK L/35 C/86, 8 x 1 - 149/22 RK L/25 C/75, 5 x 1 - 105/32 SK L/35 C/86, 2 x 1 - 47/40 Hotchkiss, 7 x 4 - 25/42 Nordenfelt; normal displacement was 6299t.

Naval service

They served as hulks during World War I and were scrapped after the war.