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MESUDİYE central battery ironclad (1875)


Mesudiye 1910  


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Mesudiye     Thames Iron Wks, Blackwall, UK 1872 28.10.1874 12/1875 floating battery 9.1914, sunk 13.12.1914
Hamidiye (ex-Mahmudiye)     Thames Iron Wks, Blackwall, UK 1873 16.11.1875 15.11.1880 // --- completed for United Kingdom (Superb)

Technical data

Data variantas completed 1903 modernization
Displacement normal, t8938 9190
Displacement full, t  9710
Length, m102.4 102.4
Breadth, m17.9 17.9
Draught, m7.90 7.90
No of shafts1 2
Machinery1 2-cyl HSE, 8 rectangular boilers 2 4-cyl VTE, 16 Niclausse boilers
Power, h. p.7431 11135
Max speed, kts13.7 17
Fuel, tcoal 600 coal 600
Endurance, nm(kts)   
Armour, mmiron; belt: 305 - 152, ends: 127 - 76, battery: 254 - 178, CT: 203 iron; belt: 305 - 152, ends: 127 - 76, turrets: 229-152 (steel), barbettes: 76 (steel), battery: 254 - 178, CT: 203
Armament12 x 1 - 254/15 Armstrong 18-ton MLR, 3 x 1 - 178/16 Armstrong 7.5-ton MLR 2 x 1 - 234/47 Vickers A, 12 x 1 - 152/45 Vickers D?, 14 x 1 - 76/50 Vickers N, 10 x 1 - 57/40 Hotchkiss, 2 x 1 - 47/40 Hotchkiss
Complement700 700

Standard scale images

Mesudiye 1890s
Mesudiye 1890s
Mesudiyeh 1903
Mesudiyeh 1903


Mesudiye 1910  
Mesudiye 1910  

Project history

Iron-hulled vessels with a ram bow, a raised forecastle and poop, two funnels and three masts, and rigged as barques. Laid down in 1872 and completed in 1876-7. The 254mm 18t Armstrong MLRs were in the battery, and the 178mm 6.5t Armstrong MLRs were on the upper deck, two forward and one aft.

Mahmudiye was renamed Hamidiye in 1876 and was purchased by Great Britain and renamed Superb on 20.2.78. Mesudiye was completely rebuilt by Ansaldo at Genoa between 1898 and 1903. She was cut down fore and aft and fitted with a built-up superstructure amidships. She was intended to mount a single 234mm/40 Vickers BL fore and aft in 229-152mm steel turrets with 76mm barbettes, but although the turrets were fitted the guns were never mounted in them even though they were delivered, and she was sunk with wooden dummies in their place. She was re-engined with inverted TE machinery and 16 Niclausse watertube boilers, giving 16kts on 11,000ihp. She was fitted with two shafts, with the port screw forward of the starboard one because they overlapped. The ships were designed by Sir Edward Reed and were based on the British Hercules.

Ship protection: The complete wl belt extended from 1.5m below to 1.2m above lwl, and had three strakes amidships. The middle one was 305mm thick, the upper 254mm and the lower 229mm, tapering to 152mm at the bottom. The ends tapered from 127mm to 76mm. The lower battery strake was 254mm thick and the upper 178mm,and it was 46.7m long.


1891: + 6 x 1 - 75/37 SK L/40 C/91, 6 x 1 - 25/42 Nordenfelt

(1898-1903, Ansaldo, Genoa, Italy): was completely rebuilt with data as follows:

Naval service

In 1914 Mesudiye was moored as a stationary guardship in the Dardanelles off Charnak, and she was torpedoed and sunk there 13.12.1914 by the British submarine B11.