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LÜTF-Ü CELİL coast defence turret ships (1870)


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Lütf-ü Celil     C A de la Gironde, Bordeaux, France 1868 1869 3/1870 sunk 10.5.1877
Hifz-ur Rahman     C A de la Gironde, Bordeaux, France 1868 1869 3/1870 stricken 1909

Technical data

Displacement normal, t2540
Displacement full, t 
Length, m64.4 oa 62.1 pp
Breadth, m13.6
Draught, m4.40
No of shafts2
Machinery2 2-cyl HC, 2 locomotive boilers
Power, h. p.2000
Max speed, kts12
Fuel, tcoal 300
Endurance, nm(kts) 
Armour, mmiron; belt: 140, ends: 117, side: 76, turrets: 140, deck: 38
Armament1 x 2 - 203/15 Armstrong 9-ton MLR, 1 x 2 - 178/16 Armstrong 6.5-ton MLR

Standard scale images

Hifz-ur Rahman 1870
Hifz-ur Rahman 1870

Project history

Iron-hulled ships completed in 1869. They had a ram bow and a raised forecastle and poop, with two turrets on the centreline fore and aft of the funnel. There was a light barque rig and one funnel, and there were collapsible bulwarks amidships. They had two 203mm Armstrong MLs in the forward turret and two 178mm Armstrong MLs in the aft turret. The ships were originally ordered by Egypt but were delivered to Turkey.

Ship protection: They had a complete wl belt 140mm amidships, tapering to 117mm at the ends and extending 0.8m above and below the lwl. The magazines, turret bases and machinery amidships were protected by 76mm side armour, covered by a 38mm protective deck.


1875, both: + 1 x 1 - 120/22 RK L/25 C/78

1891, Hifz-ur Rahman: - 1 x 2 - 178/16; + 1 x 1 - 149/22 RK L/25 C/75, 4 x 1 - 37/37 SK L/40 C/91, 2 x 4 - 25/42 Nordenfelt

Naval service

Lütf-ü Celil blew up when her magazine exploded (probably due to Russian shellfire) when she was off Braila on the Danube during the Russo-Turkish war.