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AGUILAR TABLADA submarines (1936/1937)

Aguilar Tablada 1937

Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
González López (ex-Iride)     OTO, Muggiano, Italy 9/1935 30/7/1936 11/1936 // 10/1937 to Italy 1/1938 (Iride)
Aguilar Tablada (ex-Onice)     OTO, Muggiano, Italy 8/1935 15/6/1936 9/1936 // 10/1937 to Italy 1/1938 (Onice)

Displacement standard, t

622 - 626

Displacement normal, t

680 / 844

Length, m


Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 Fiat diesels / 2 CRDA electric motors

Power, h. p.

1200 / 800

Max speed, kts

14 / 7.5

Fuel, t

diesel oil 80

Endurance, nm(kts) 2500(12) / 74(4)


1 x 1 - 100/47 OTO 1935, 2 x 1 - 13.2/76, 6 - 533 TT (4 bow, 2 stern, 12),

Sensors hydrophone



Diving depth operational, m 80

Ship project history: In connection with repair of submarines General Mola and General Sanjurjo in September-November, 1937 at Taranto, Italians as their time replacement in October, 1937 secretly transferred to Spanish Nationalists four other submarines: two of Archimede class and two medium submarines of Perla class. Archimede class boats (Galileo Galilei and Galileo Ferraris) received Spanish "secret" names General Mola II and General Sanjurjo II for concealment of fact of repair of "original" submarines in Italy, medium submarines Onice and Iride, respectively received Spanish names Aguilar Tablada and Gonzáles López. Actually transfer of these four submarines had purely fictitious character: boats had Italian crews and talian commanders. On General Mola II and General Sanjurjo II Spaniards were presented by one mate and 6 motormen for each boat, on two other submarines there were only Spanish chief mates. In Italian Navy these submarines were registered as "legionary" and in this connection were conditionally designated as L1-4.

Modernizations: None.

Naval service: All four submarines already in the January, 1938 were returned to Italians.

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