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TK-208 nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines (project 941) (1981 - 1989)


TK-20 1997


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
ТК-208 [TK-208] (ex-К-208 [K-208]), 10.2000- ТК-208 Дмитрий Донской [TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy] 824 711 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 30.6.1976 27.9.1980 29.12.1981 in service (2019)
ТК-202 [TK-202]   712 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 22.4.1978 23.9.1982 28.12.1983 stricken 1999
ТК-12 [TK-12]   713 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 19.4.1980 17.12.1983 26.12.1984 stricken 2000
ТК-13 [TK-13]   724 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 23.2.1982 30.4.1985 26.12.1985 stricken 1998
ТК-17 [TK-17], 11.2002- ТК-17 Архангельск [TK-17 Arkhangelsk]   725 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 9.8.1983 12.12.1986 15.12.1987 for disposal 2015
ТК-20 [TK-20], 6.2000- ТК-20 Северсталь [TK-20 Severstal']   727 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 27.8.1985 11.4.1989 19.12.1989 for disposal 2015
ТК-210 [TK-210]   728 Northern Yd, Severodvinsk 1986 --- --- cancelled 1990

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement normal, t

23200 / 30460

Length, m

711-724: 170.0

725: 172.6

727, 728: 173.1

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 OK-9 geared steam turbines units, 2 OK-650M nuclear reactors

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts

13 / 27

Fuel, t


Endurance, nm(kts)

practically unlimited


20 R-39 SLBM (20 R-39 (3M65)), 6 - 533 TT (bow, 22, inc. URPK-6 Vodopad-PL SSM/ASuM (83R, 84R)), RPK-2 Vyuga ASuM (81R), Shkval rocket torpedoes), 1 x 1 Igla-1 SAM (48 9M313)

Electronic equipment

711: MRKP-58 Radian radar, MGK-500 Skat-KS sonar suite, MG-519 Arfa, MG-512 Vint sonars, MRP-21A ECM suite, MG-74 Korund-2 decoys, MVU-132 Omnibus CCS

others: MRKP-59 Radian-U radar, MGK-540 Skat-3 sonar suite, MG-519 Arfa, MG-512 Vint sonars, MRP-21A ECM suite, MG-74 Korund-2 decoys, MVU-132 Omnibus CCS



Diving depth operational, m


Standard scale images

<i>TK-208 </i>1990
TK-208 1990


<i>TK-20</i> 1997
TK-20 1997

Project history

This submarine, designed by Rubin, was intended for the final phase of a sustained nuclear war. It would go out to sea, dive under the ice, and remain on the bottom for a year, surviving during a nuclear exchange. It would then be available for a reprisal attack on a recovering enemy. Hence the enormous emphasis on habitability; the submarine is extraordinary roomy, with a sauna and even an aviary. However, the effective limit on crew endurance is 120 days.

The unique configuration consists of five cylinders, mostly wrapped in the outer hull: two main units running the length of the submarine; one forward for the TTs, the torpedoes (and tactical missiles) and the bow sonar sphere, one for command/control (under the sail); and one aft for steering. Each of the main hulls contains a 190mW reactor, a 50000shp turbine, and an 800kW diesel generator. Apparently it was impossible to obtain sufficient volume in a single-cylinder of practicable dimensions, and the missiles require such large hull penetrations that it would have been impossible to place two rows side-by-side in a conventional hull. Flat decking abeam the sail contains two crew escape modules.


2002, TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy - under Project 941UM: - 2 R-39 SLBM, MGK-500 Skat-KS sonar, Omnibus CCS; + 2 R-30 Bulava SLBM (2 3M30)), MGK-520M Skat-2M sonar, Omnibus-U CCS

Naval service

No significant events.