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K-43 nuclear powered cruise missile submarines (project 670) (1967 - 1972)


Project 670 1975  


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
К-43 [K-43], 8.1984- УТС-550 [UTS-550], 3.1991- К-43 [K-43], 4.1992- Б-43 [B-43]   701 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 9.5.1964 2.8.1966 6.11.1967 to India 12.1984-3/1991 (चक्र [Chakra]), stricken 7.1992
К-87 [K-87], 1.1978- К-212 [K-212]   702 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 6.2.1965 20.3.1966 28.12.1968 stricken 4.1990
К-25 [K-25]   703 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 2.12.1965 31.7.1968 30.12.1968 stricken 6.1991
К-143 [K-143], 7.1977- К-121 [K-121], 4.1992- Б-121 [B-121]   704 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 25.11.1966 29.4.1969 31.10.1969 stricken 6.1993
К-313 [K-313], 4.1992- Б-313 [B-313]   705 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 14.7.1966 16.7.1969 16.12.1969 stricken 7.1992
К-308 [K-308], 4.1992- Б-308 [B-308]   711 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 29.12.1967 19.2.1970 20.9.1970 stricken 7.1992
К-320 [K-320], 4.1992- Б-320 [B-320]   712 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 30.4.1968 27.3.1971 15.9.1971 stricken 7.1994
К-302 [K-302], 4.1992- Б-302 [B-302]   713 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 17.1.1969 11.7.1970 1.12.1970 stricken 6.1993
К-325 [K-325]   714 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 6.9.1969 4.6.1971 5.11.1971 stricken 6.1991
К-429 [K-429]   715 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 26.1.1971 22.4.1972 15.9.1972 training hulk 3.1987
К-201 [K-201], 4.1992- Б-201 [B-201]   721 Krasnoe Sormovo, Gorkiy 16.11.1971 26.8.1972 26.12.1972 stricken 10.1994

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement normal, t

3574 / 4430

Length, m


Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



OK-350 steam generation unit (1 VM-4-1 nuclear reactor), 1 GTZA-631 geared steam turbines unit

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts

12 / 26

Fuel, t


Endurance, nm(kts)

practically unlimited


8 x 1 P-40 Ametist SSM (8 4K66), 4 - 533 TT (bow, 14), 2 - 400 TT (bow, 4)

Electronic equipment

RLK-101 Albatros or MRK-50 radar, MGK-100 Kerch'-670, MG-17 sonars, Zaliv-P ECM suite, Brest CCS



Diving depth operational, m


Standard scale images

<i>K-43 </i>1967
K-43 1967
<i>K-313 </i>1990
K-313 1990


Project 670 1975  
Project 670 1975  

Project history

Project 670 was initially conceived as a mass-production nuclear submarine; hence the choice of a single-reactor powerplant at a time when the Soviet naval staff very strongly preferred two reactors and two propellers. The Lazurit KB (TsKB-112, associated with the Gorkiy yard) prepared the design, probably having won the competition. Some time after the design had been begun, the submarine was redesigned to carry the anti-ship missile system which had been conceived for Project 661. Presumably that was because Project 661 was so clearly going to be both late and overexpensive. There wee also problems with the planned P-40 Ametist missile. The boat was designed to accommodate the projected weapon, but for the first series a modified P-15, probably designated P-20L, was substituted. This missile was shorter than P-40, so the tubes are plugged at their lower ends. Missiles were fired submerged on the basis of intermittent radar data: the fire control system was an adapted version of the surface ship system. A nuclear version can be fired (to first convergence zone) on the basis of sonar data.


1980s, K-212, K-302, K-308, K-313, K-320: - MGK-100 Kerch'-670 sonar; + MGK-400 Rubikon sonar

1984, K-43 - under Project 06709: - MGK-100 Kerch'-670 sonar; + MGK-400 Rubikon, MG-519 Arfa sonars

Naval service

 K-429 sank in Sarannaya Bight E of Petropavlovsk 23 June 1983, reportedly because a ventilator out closed before a post-refit dive. Raised and repaired, she sank at dock 13.9.1985 again. She was again raised but then was used only as a training hulk. K-43 was officially reclassified as training hulk 30.8.1984 for training of Indian crew and was stricken from Soviet fleet list 27.12.1984. Four years she was used for training, Indian flag was raised only 5.1.1988. 1.3.1991 she was returned to Soviet Navy and commissioned again.