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NOVOROSSIYSK battleship (1914 / 1949)


Novorossiysk Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comm Fate
Новороссийск [Novorossiysk] (ex-Giulio Cesare)   160 Ansaldo, Genoa, Italy 24.6.1910 15.10.1911 14.5.1914 // 6.2.1949 sunk 30.10.1955

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

168.9 wl 186.4 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m

9.15 normal 10.4 max

No of shafts



2 sets Beluzzo geared steam turbines, 8 Yarrow boilers

Power, h. p.

75000 (93000 forced)

Max speed, kts

27 (28 forced)

Fuel, t

oil 2472

Endurance, nm(kts)6400(13)
Armour, mm

belt: 250 - 220, upper belt: 170, turrets: 280, barbettes: 280 + 50, secondary turrets: 120, battery: 130, CT: 260, main deck:100 - 80, upper deck: 44


2 x 3 - 320/44 M1934, 2 x 2 - 320/44 M1934, 6 x 2 - 120/50 OTO 1933, 4 x 2 - 100/47 OTO 1928, 8 x 2 - 37/54 Breda 1932, 8 x 2 - 20/65 Breda 1935

Electronic equipmentnone


Standard scale images

<i>Giulio Cesare </i>1940
Giulio Cesare 1940
<i>Novorossiysk </i>1955
Novorossiysk 1955


<i>Novorossiysk</i> <i>Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.</i>
Novorossiysk Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.

Project history

Former Italian battleship Giulio Cesare received by reparations 6.2.1949.

Ship protection

Main belt was 2.8m high and protected full ship length. Its thickness was 250mm between end barbettes tapering to 170mm from middle part at lower edge, decreasing to 80 and 130mm at fore and aft ends respectively. Upper 220mm belt between end barbettes had 2.3m height. Additional 130mm belt between stem and barbette No 4 had 138m length. New 70mm sides of citadel inside the hull protected machinery and barbettes between main and middle decks.

Main deck had 50mm thickness at flat part (central part near centerline was absent) and connected with lower edge of main belt by 40mm slopes. Middle deck between barbettes No 1 and 4 laid over upper edge of upper 220mm belt and was 80mm over machinery, 100mm over magazines and 30mm over other parts. Upper deck between stem and casemate was 30mm, there was 44mm forecastle deck over casemate.

Turrets had 240mm faces, sides and rears, 85mm crowns. Barbettes had 280mm protection with additional 50mm plates mounted around them with little spacing. CT had 260mm sides, 120mm roof and 100mm deck. Fwd superstructure had 32-48mm splinter protection.

New torpedo protection of Pugliese design (with 3.4m diameter inner tube) was 7m deep and could resist exploding of 350kg TNT. Longitudinal torpedo bulkhead had 40mm thickness and connected with 70mm side of inner citadel at main deck level.


(1953-5/1955): -  8 x 2 - 37/54, 8 x 2 - 20/65; + 24 x 2 - 37/70 V-11, 6 x 1 - 37/73 70K, Zalp-M radar; fore mast was rebuilt, main engines were replaced by ones made by Kharkov plant.

Naval service

30.10.1955 Novorossiysk was sunk on German ground mine in Northern Bight of Sevastopol, 604 men were lost. The wreck was raised in 1957 and broken up.

Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.