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"Tei-gata D2" transport submarines (1945)

I373 1945

Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
伊373 [I373]     Yokosuka K K 8/1944 30/11/1944 4/1945 sunk 14/8/1945
伊374 [I374]     Yokosuka K K 10/1944 --- --- cancelled 4/1945


Displacement standard, t


Displacement normal, t

1926 / 2240

Length, m

71.0 pp 73.5 wl 74.0 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 Kampon diesels / 2 electric motors

Power, h. p.

1750 / 1200

Max speed, kts

13 / 6.5

Fuel, t

diesel oil 220

Endurance, nm(kts) 15000(10) / 100(3)

1 x 1 - 140/40 11-shiki, 2 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki,

Military load 1 13m Chuhatsu or 14m Daihatsu landing craft, 100t of dry cargo in holds, 10t of cargo on deck, 150t of aircraft fuel


2-shiki 2-go radar, 93-shiki sonar, 93-shiki hydrophone, E27 ECM suite


Diving depth operational, m 100 (75 with landing craft)

Ship project history: Tei-Gata D2 type. Development of Tei-Gata type. They were originally designed for supply of island garrisons, differed from prototype by increased tonnage and diving depth. They can carry in a pressure hull 100t of cargo and additional 10t on a deck. In light hull submarines could carry 150t of aviation petrol. In an aft part of a deck one Daihatsu type landing craft (sustained 75m diving) was fastened. Endurance was up to 30 days.

The 1943/1944 programme provided building from 36 to 166 (on miscellaneous sources, probably, submarines of first series are included in latter number) submarines of given type, but really orders have given out on six (I373-378), from which two were laid down, and only lead ship was commissioned. Orders for being in 40% availability I374 and still not laid down I375-378 were cancelled in April, 1945. Nos I-CLX were never ordered. There were plans of conversion of I373 to Kaiten carrier, but is not clear, whether it has been made before submarine loss.

Modernizations: None.

Naval service: I373 was sunk 14/8/1945 (after war) SE off Shanghai by US submarine Spikefish.

Ivan Gogin, 2008-14