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MATSU escort destroyers (1944 - 1945)


  Momo 6.1944


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
松 [Matsu]     Maizuru K K 8/1943 3.2.1944 4.1944 sunk 4.8.1944
桃 [Momo]     Maizuru K K 11/1943 25.3.1944 6.1944 sunk 15.12.1944
竹 [Take]     Yokosuka K K 10/1943 28.3.1944 6.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to United Kingdom 7.1947, BU
梅 [Ume]     Fujinagata, Osaka 12/1943 24.4.1944 6.1944 sunk 31.1.1945
桑 [Kuwa]     Fujinagata, Osaka 12/1943 25.5.1944 7.1944 sunk 3.12.1944
槙 [Maki]     Maizuru K K 2/1944 10.6.1944 8.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to United Kingdom 8.1947, BU
桐 [Kiri]     Yokosuka K K 2/1944 27.5.1944 8.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to Soviet Union 7.1947 (Возрождённый [Vozrozhdyonnyy])
杉 [Sugi]     Fujinagata, Osaka 2/1944 3.7.1944 8.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to China 7.1947 (惠陽 Hui Yang)
樅 [Momi]     Yokosuka K K 2/1944 16.6.19444 9.1944 sunk 5.1.1945
檜 [Hinoki]     Yokosuka K K 3/1944 4.7.1944 9.1944 sunk 7.1.1945
樫 [Kashi]     Fujinagata, Osaka 5/1944 13.8.1944 9.1944 surrendered 8.1945 to USA 8.1947, BU
榧 [Kaya]     Maizuru K K 4/1944 30.7.1944 9.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to Soviet Union 7.1947 (Волевой [Volievoy])
楓 [Kaede]     Yokosuka K K 3/1944 25.7.1944 10.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to China 7.1947 (衡陽 Heng Yang)
桜 [Sakura]     Yokosuka K K 6/1944 6.9.1944 11.1944 sunk 11.7.1945
楢 [Nara]     Fujinagata, Osaka 6/1944 12.10.1944 11.1944 damaged 30.6.1945, never repaired
椿 [Tsubaki]     Maizuru K K 6/1944 30.9.1944 11.1944 damaged 24.7.1945, never repaired
欅 [Keyaki]     Yokosuka K K 6/1944 30.9.1944 12.1944 surrendered 8.1945, to USA 7.1947, sunk as target
柳 [Yanagi]     Fujinagata, Osaka 8/1944 25.11.1944 1.1945 damaged 9.8.1945, never repaired

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

92.2 pp 98.0 wl 100.0 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 sets Kampon geared steam turbines, 2 Kampon boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 370

Endurance, nm(kts)4680(16)

1 x 2 - 127/40 89-shiki, 1 x 1 - 127/40 89-shiki, 4 x 3 - 25/60 96-shiki, 12 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki, 1 x 4 - 610 TT, 2 DCT, 2 DCR (36)

Electronic equipment

2-shiki 2-go radar, 93-shiki sonar



Standard scale images

<i>Keyaki</i> 1944
Keyaki 1944
<i>Keyaki</i> 1945
Keyaki 1945


  <i>Momo</i> 6.1944
  Momo 6.1944

Project history

Design of Matsu class ships has been created, first of all, for replenishment of losses suffered by the IJN during battles at Solomons. Having generalised experience of the last campaign, the Naval Staff has reconsidered requests to destroyers, having outlined a new subclass of fast squadron ship (Kihon Keikaku Bango). These ships did not intend for operations with squadrons, that allowed to simplify and reduce the price of building and to build them in bigger numbers and quickly enough. The technical design provided standard displacement 1250t, 28kts speed and an endurance 3500nm under 18kts speed. The armament intended, basically, for solving of AAW and ASW tasks. Special attention was given to measures on building acceleration to what electric welding was widely applied. For the first time on Japanese destroyers machinery was placed en echelon, that raised general damage tolerance. Unlike 127mm/50 guns in turrets, standard for previous destroyer classes, on Matsu there were dual-purpose 127mms/40 guns in single and twin deck mounts, much more adapted for antiaircraft fire. Though ships also did not intend for squadron battles, they carried torpedo armament, and it was originally supposed to equip them with sextuple 610mm TTs. As creation of these devices was delayed, standard quadruple 610mm TTs were installed.

In total under the additional programme of 1942 it was planned to built 29 ships of this class, however the order on 11 destroyers was subsequently cancelled.


1944-1945, most survived: + 3-shiki 1-go radar

1945, all survived: + 5 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki, 5 DCT (60 DC totally)

1945, Take and some others: + 2 Kaiten human torpedoes

Naval service

Matsu 4.8.1944 was sunk off Bonin by US destroyers Cogswell, Ingersoll, Knapp and carrier aircraft. Kuwa 3.12.1944 was sunk in Omrock Bay by gunfire of US destroyers Allen M. Sumner, Cooper and Moale. Momo 15.12.1944 off Luzon was sunk by US submarine Hawkbill. Momi 27.9.1944 off Kuriles was damaged by US submarine Searaven, 5.1.1945 she was sunk SW off Manila by US carrier aircraft. Hinoki 5.1.1945 was danaged by US carrier aircraft and 7.1.1945 sunk W off Manila by gunfire of US destroyers Charles Ausbume, Braine, Russell and Shaw. Ume 31.1.1945 was sunk in 20nm S off Formosa by US Army aircraft. Sakura 11.7.1945 was mined at Osaka and has sunk. Nara 30.6.1945 was hard damaged on a mine at Shimonoseki and was not under repair. Tsubaki 24.7.1945 was hard damaged by US carrier aircraft in Kure area and was not under repair. Yanagi 14.7.1945 under air attack ran aground in Tsugaru Strait and has been strongly damaged, 9.8.1945 she was hard damaged at Kure by US carrier aircraft and was not under repair. Maki 9.12.1944 was hard damaged off Kyushu by US submarine Plaice, repair lasted till mid-1945. Kashi 21.1.1945 was hard damaged at Takao (Formosa) by US carrier aircraft and was repaired till the mid-1945. Kiri 12.12.1944 was hard damaged in Omrock Bay by US carrier aircraft and was under repair till the mid-1945, in July, 1947 she was transferred on a reparation to the USSR. Sugi 21.1.1945 was hard damaged by US carrier aircraft; there has passed only temporary repair and in July, 1947 transferred to China on a reparation. Кауа in 1947 was transferred on a reparation to the USSR. Kaede 31.1.1945 was hard damaged at Formosa by US Army aircraft, repaired in the mid-1945 and in July, 1947 transferred to China on a reparation.