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ASASHIO destroyers (1937 - 1938)


  Asagumo 1939


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
朝潮 [Asashio]     Sasebo K K 9/1935 16.12.1936 8.1937 sunk 4.3.1943
大潮 [Oshio]     Maizuru K K 8/1936 19.4.1937 10/1937 sunk 20.2.1943
満潮 [Michishio]     Fujinagata, Osaka 11/1935 15.3.1937 10/1937 sunk 25.10.1944
荒潮 [Arashio]     Kawasaki, Kobe 10/1935 26.5.1937 8/1937 sunk 4.3.1943
夏雲 [Natsugumo]     Sasebo K K 7/1936 26.5.1937 2/1938 sunk 12.10.1942
山雲 [Yamagumo]     Fujinagata, Osaka 11/1936 24.7.1937 1/1938 sunk 25.10.1944
峯雲 [Minegumo]     Fujinagata, Osaka 3/1936 4.11.1937 4/1938 sunk 5.3.1943
朝雲 [Asagumo]     Kawasaki, Kobe 12/1936 5.11.1937 3/1938 sunk 25.10.1944
霰 [Arare]     Maizuru K K 3/1937 16.11.1937 4/1938 sunk 5.7.1942
霞 [Kasumi]     Uraga, Tokyo 12/1936 18.11.1937 6.1938 sunk 7.4.1945

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

111.0 pp 115.0 wl 118.3 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



2 sets Kampon geared steam turbines, 3 Kampon boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 500

Endurance, nm(kts)



3 x 2 - 127/50 3-shiki, 2 x 2 - 25/60 96-shiki, 2 x 4 - 610 TT (16), 2 DCT (16)

Electronic equipment93-shiki sonar


Standard scale images

<i>Asashio</i> 1942
Asashio 1942


  <i>Asagumo</i> 1939
  Asagumo 1939
<i> Asashio</i>

Project history

Asashio class destroyers were built under 2nd Supplementary Programme of 1934. In comparison with previous Shiratsuyu class, design has been significantly modified under the insisting of the Naval Staff, dissatisfied with decrease of speed and fire power of Shiratsuyu against ships of "special type". It was possible to fulfil new requirements only at the expense of displacement growth that would exceed the limits established by London Naval conference, but by this time Japan has already privately refused their observance. New destroyers should have the same artillery armament, as the ships of "special type", but for raise of stability a hull breadth have been increased, that allowed to place aft gun turrets under the superfiring scheme. Displacement has thus grown almost on 400t. New machinery was fitted with 50000hp power (steam pressure was raised to 22kgf/cm2, in comparison with 18.3 on previous classes, since Minekaze). Torpedo armament, in comparison with Shiratsuyu (eight 610mm TT and eight spare torpedoes), practically have not changed, only containers with spare torpedoes for fore TT were transferred from second funnel forward, to forecastle break. Asashio class ships became first Japanese destroyers armed with new French-origin 25mm MGs of Hotchkiss design. Two twin mounts placed on each side from the second funnel.

Nevertheless, these destroyers have not justified hopes assigned to them. The matter is that there were two significant lacks. First, during trials of lead Asashio bad manoeuvrability and the big tactical diameter because of an ineffective construction of rudder have come to light. The aft end of all ships should be rebuilt. It is curious, that besides improvement of manoeuvrability it has led to some growth of speed. Secondly, by the reason of absence of synchronisation of turbines rotation in new turbine units, their blades were often damaged. Correction of this defect has demanded the big expenses of time and means, however to a beginning of war with a problem it was possible to managed.


Modernizations: 1943 - 1944, all survived: - 1 x 2 - 127/50 (No 2); + 3 x 3 - 25/60 96-shiki, 1 x 2 - 25/60 96-shiki, 2 DCT (36 totally)

mid-1944, all survived: - 2 x 2 - 25/60, 8 spare torpedoes; + 1 x 3 - 25/60 96-shiki, 14 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki, 4 x 1 - 13.2/76; displacement was 2000 / 2635t and maximal speed 29kts.

1944, all survived: + 2-shiki 2-go, 3-shiki 1-go radars

Naval service

Arare 5.7.1942 was sunk off Kiska (Aleuts) by US submarine Growler. Natsugumo 12.10.1942 was sunk NW off Sawo by US Marine Corps aircraft. Oshio 19.2.1942 was hard damaged by gunfire of US and Dutch ships, 20.2.1943 she was sunk NW off Manus (Admiralty Islands) by US submarine Albacore. Asashio and Arashio 4.3.1943 were sunk in Bismarck sea by US Army aircraft. Minegumo 6.3.1943 was sunk in Kula Bay (Solomons) by gunfire of US cruisers Montpelier, Cleveland and destroyers Cony, Conway and Waller. Asagumo 28.2.1942 was damaged by gunfire of British destroyer Electra in Java sea, 25.10.1944 she was sunk Surigao Strait by torpedoes of US destroyer McDermut and gunfire of cruiser Denver. Yamagumo 25.10.1944 was sunk in Surigao Strait by a torpedo of US destroyer McDermut. Michishio 25.10.1944 was sunk in Surigao Strait by torpedoes and gunfire of US destroyers Hutchins and McDermut. Kasumi 5.7.1942 was hard damaged at Kiska (Aleuts) by US submarine Growler (fore end was broken off), 7.4.1945 she was sunk W off Nagasaki by US carrier aircraft.