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CM1 small submarines (1945/1945)

CM1 1945

Name No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
CM1   CRDA, Monfalcone 6/1943 5/9/1943 1/1945 // 1/1945 captured by Germany 9/9/1943 (UIT17), to Italy 1/1945, discarded 2/1948
CM2   CRDA, Monfalcone 8/1943 4/1945 --- captured by Germany 9/9/1943 (UIT18)

Displacement standard, t


Displacement normal, t

90 / 112

Length, m


Breadth, m


Draught, m


No of shafts



Fiat-Spa diesels / CRDA electric motors

Power, h. p.

600 / 120

Max speed, kts

14 / 6

Fuel, t

diesel oil

Endurance, nm(kts) 2000(9) / 70(4)


3 - 450 TT (bow, 3), 2 x 1 - 13.2/76



Diving depth operational, m 80

Ship project history: Coastal boats for protection of harbours. On three prototypes were ordered in 1943 to Caproni (CC) and CRDA (CM). Till September, 1943 the order (besides prototypes) on 16 CM and 8 CCs was given out.

After comparative trials of prototypes it was supposed to adjust a mass building of better sample under index CU (unified).

Before armistice signing only one submarine of CC class and two of CM class were laid down, one of which, CM1, was launched. For CC2, CC3 and CM3 there has been begun preparing of materials, but really they were not laid down. Incomplete boats in September, 1943 were captured by Germans. It has been decided to complete CM1 and CM2, renamed UIT17 and UIT18 respectively. CM1 (UIT17) was commissioned in January, 1945 and CM2 (UIT18) was damaged on a slipway by Allied aircraft in May, 1944.

Modernizations: None.

Naval service: CM1 was captured by Germans, commissioned by them as UIT17 and transferred to RSI. Italian crew led the boat to join Royal Italian navy shortly after.

CM1 1945


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