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"O" battlecruisers


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
"Q"   623 Germaniawerft, Kiel --- --- --- cancelled 9.1939

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

246.0 wl 256.5 oa

Breadth, m


Draught, m

9.60 normal 11.2 deep load

No of shafts



CODAS: 8 MAN 24-cylinder double action diesels (2 shafts) + 1 set Brown-Boveri geared steam turbines, 4 Wagner boilers (1 shaft)

Power, h. p.

176000 = 116000 + 60000

Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

diesel oil 4610, oil 1000

Endurance, nm(kts)14000(19)
Armour, mmbelt: 190 - 110, upper deck: 50, main deck: 80, torpedo bulkhead: 45, main turrets: 210 - 50, secondary turrets: 140, CT: 200 - 80

3 x 2 - 380/48 SK C/34, 3 x 2 - 149/46 SK Tbts KC/36T, 4 x 2 - 105/60 SK C/33, 4 x 2 - 37/80 SK C/30, 20 x 1 - 20/65 C/38, 2 catapults, 4 seaplanes (Ar196)

Electronic equipment4x FuMO 27 radars


Standard scale images

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Project history

Design started in 1937, in parallel to design of improved pocket battleship. Under 'Z-Plan' it was planned to laid in 1939 three ships, intended to use as commerce raiders, forced Great Britain to give each of her convoys strong battleship escort. Because of outbreak of war keels were never laid, in fact only "Q" was ordered 8.8.1939, "O" (planned for building by Deutsche Werke) and "P" (KMW Wilhelmshaven) were never ordered.

Ship protection

Main belt between end barbettes was 5m in height and had 190mm thickness at lower 3.65m part tapering to 110mm at upper edge. This thick part closed by 80mm fore and aft bulkheads fwd from fore and aft from aft barbettes (thickness of bulkheads decreased to 25mm at upper and lower edges). Fore part of main belt had 80mm thickness ending by 60mm bulkhead, aft part of main belt had 90mm thickness and closed by 60mm aft bulkhead of steering gear compartment. Upper belt between end barbettes was 80mm thick. Main 60mm deck protected citadel and connected with main belt (1m above its lower edge) by 80mm slopes. Lower 110mm deck extended from aft barbette ("D") to aft bulkhead of steering gear compartment, fore part of lower deck between "A" barbette and stem was 20mm. Upper 50mm deck was flat and connected with upper edge of upper belt. Main gun turrets had 210mm faces, 180mm sides and 50mm roofs. Secondary turrets had up to 140-40mm protection. Torpedo protection was 5.4m deep and included 45mm longitudinal bulkhead. Fore CT had 200mm sides and 60mm roof, aft one had 50mm sides and 30mm roof.