SPAHI destroyers (1909 - 1912)


Hussard 1915


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Spahi M55   F C de la Méditerranée, La Seyne 1906 3.5.1908 7.1910 stricken 12.1927
Hussard M59   C de la Loire, Nantes 1906 12.9.1908 9.1911 stricken 3.1922
Carabinier M60   Penhoët, St-Nazaire 1906 10.10.1908 10.1909 sunk 15.11.1918
Lansquenet M61   Dyle et Bacalan, Bordeaux 1907 20.11.1909 10.1910 stricken 12.1928
Mameluk M62   C de la Loire, Nantes 1907 10.3.1909 6.1911 stricken 2.1928
Enseigne Henry M78   Arsenal de Rochefort 1910 12.5.1911 4.1912 stricken 6.1928
Aspirant Herber M79   Arsenal de Rochefort 1909 30.4.1912 8.1912 stricken 7.1930

Technical data

Displacement normal, t


Displacement full, t550
Length, m

Spahi: 64.6 pp ~67.0 oa

Hussard, Mameluk: 65.8 pp ~67.0 oa

Carabinier: 64.2 pp ~67.0 oa

Lansquenet, Enseigne Henry, Aspirant Herber: 64.0 pp ~67.0 oa

Breadth, m

Spahi: 6.05 wl

Hussard, Mameluk, Lansquenet, Enseigne Henry, Aspirant Herber: 6.60

Carabinier: 6.48 wl

Draught, m

Spahi, Lansquenet, Enseigne Henry, Aspirant Herber: 2.30

Hussard, Mameluk, Carabinier: 2.40

No of shafts



Spahi, Lansquenet: 2 VTE, 4 Normand boilers

Hussard, Mameluk: 2 VTE, 4 Du Temple boilers

Enseigne Henry, Aspirant Herber, Carabinier: 2 VTE, 4 Guyot boilers

Power, h. p.

Spahi: 9000

others: 7500

Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

coal 95

Lansquenet: coal 115

Endurance, nm(kts)


Lansquenet: 2880(10)


6 x 1 - 65/50 M1902, 1 - 450 TT (bow), 2 x 1 - 450 TT

Complement77 - 79

Standard scale images

<i>Hussard</i> 1914
Hussard 1914


<i>Hussard</i> 1915
Hussard 1915
<i>Aspirant Herber</i> <i>Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.</i>
Aspirant Herber Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.

Project history

The first seven ships (named after troop types or naval heroes) of the new 450t class of French destroyers designed to catch up with growth of foreign constructions. All had reciprocating engines, coal-fired boilers and identical armament. They were simply enlarged versions of the earlier 300-tonners. The 65mm guns were of Model 1902 and had 1906 Model torpedoes (2 in single revolving tubes amidships and 1 in bow tube). Ships differed in hull dimensions according to the building yards. They were well built but their sea-going qualities were still insufficient to make them good long range escorts, though they were better than 300-tonners. All ships had two groups of stacks placed in pairs before and after the main machinery which was installed amidships. All except Carabinier (27kts) exceeded their designed speed on trials reaching 28.25-29.8kts



Naval service

Carabinier 13.11.1918 stranded off Latakieh (Syria) and was destroyed two days later by Turkish coastal artillery, long after formal Ottoman surrender.

Many thanks to Wolfgang Stöhr for additional information on this page.