FORBIN missile destroyers (2010-2011)


Chevalier Paul 2008


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Forbin D620   DCNS, Lorient 15.1.2004 10.3.2005 14.10.2010 in service (2019)
Chevalier Paul D621   DCNS, Lorient 17.1.2005 12.7.2006 10.6.2011 in service (2019)

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

141.7 pp 152.9 oa

Breadth, m

17.9 wl 20.3 deck

Draught, m


No of shafts



CODOG: 2 Fiat-General Electric LM2500 gas turbines / 2 SEMT-Pielstick 12PA6B STC diesels

Power, h. p.

62560 / 11750

Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

diesel oil / gas turbine oil

Endurance, nm(kts)7000(18)

2 x 4 MM40 Exocet SSM (8 MM40), 6 x 8 PAAMS SAM (Sylver A50 VLS, 32 Aster-30, 16 Aster-15), 2 x 1 - 76/62 OTO-Melara Compact SR, 2 x 1 - 20/90 F2, 2 x 1 - 12.7/90, 2 - 324 TT (24 MU90), 1 helicopter (NH90)

Electronic equipment

S1850M, EMPAR, 2x SPN-753, SPN-720, Furuno, NA-25XP radars, DIBV-2A e/o director, UMS-4110 sonar, 2x JASS, RESM, FIGN ECM suites, 2x NGDS decoy RL, 2x SLAT torpedo decoy launchers, SEIC CCS



Standard scale images

<i>Forbin </i>2010
Forbin 2010


<i>Chevalier Paul </i>2008
Chevalier Paul 2008

Project history

Agreement was made with the United Kingdom and Italy to design a ship acceptable to all three navies in a venture initially announced in 1991. An international joint-venture corporation, Horizon Ltd., was established in 1995 to build at least the initial units of the class for the three partner countries by the three then-prime contractors: GEC-Marconi, DCN International, and Orissonte SpA. The United Kingdom pulled out of the platform portion of the program in 1999 but remained committed to the SAM program. In 1999 it was decided that France and Italy would go ahead with a joint program, and an order for two ships was finally placed 26.10.2000. First steel was cut for D 620 8.4.2002. A third ship was authorized in September 2002, but plans for that ship and a fourth unit were scrapped in 2005 in favor of new Aquitaine-class frigates.

Have two sets of fin stabilizers. Numerous radar, heat, and acoustic signature reduction measures are incorporated. SEIC combat data system is derived from SENIT 8.05. The MU-90 torpedoes can be ejected through shutters In the hull sides beneath the helicopter pad. A SAMAHE deck-handling and -traversing system is fitted for the NH-90 helicopter. The helicopter is able to launch and land in up to Sea State 6 conditions and can be used for ASW or can be equipped with missiles for anti-surface operations. Carry the SLAT soft-kill torpedo countermeasures system consisting of the Alto towed torpedo warning system and the Contralto decoy launcher. Ships have additional spaces for two Sylver A50 launchers (16 cells) and two Sadral SAMs above the hangar. There are accommodations for 30 marines.


2018, Forbin; 2019, Chevalier Paul: - 2 x 1 - 20/90; + 3 x 1 - 20/73 Narwhal-20B

Naval service

No significant events.