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SÃO PAULO aircraft carrier (1963/2000)


São Paulo 2003


Name No Yard No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
São Paulo (ex-Foch) A12   Penhoët-Loire, St-Nazaire, France // Arsenal de Brest, France 2/1957 28.7.1960 15.7.1963 // 15.11.2000 stricken 2.2017

Technical data

Displacement standard, t


Displacement full, t


Length, m

238.0 pp 265.0 oa

Breadth, m

31.7 wl 51.2 fd

Draught, m


No of shafts



2 sets Parsons geared steam turbines, 6 Indret boilers

Power, h. p.


Max speed, kts


Fuel, t

oil 3720

Endurance, nm(kts)7500(18)
Armour, mm

box protection over machinery and other vital parts: 50 - 30, flight deck: 45


2 x 8 Albatros SAM (16 Aspide 2000), 2 x 1 - 40/70 Bofors Trinity, 37 aircraft (AF-1 Skyhawk attackers, E-2 Tracker AEW planes, SH-3 Sea King, UH-13 Esquilo, UH-14 Super Puma helicopters)

Electronic equipment

DRBN-34, DRBV-15, DRBV-23B, 2x DRBI-10, 2x DRBC 32B, 2x RTN-30X, NRBA-51 radars, MAGE ECM suite, Siconta-1 CCS



Air group

Year Attackers Helicopters
2001 16 AF-1 Skyhawk, 2 AF-1A Skuhawk 4 SH-3A Sea King, 2 UH-13 Esquilo II, 2 UH-14 Super Puma
2004 14 AF-1 Skyhawk 6 SH-3A Sea King, 14 UH-14 Super Puma
2009 15 - 18 AF-1 Skyhawk 4 - 6 SH-3A/D Sea King, 3 AS-355F/350BA Ecureuil, 2 AS-532 Cougar
2016 15 - 18 AF-1 Skyhawk 4 - 6 SH-3A/D Sea King or S-70B Seahawk, 3 AS-355F/350BA Ecureuil, 2 AS-532 Cougar

Standard scale images

<i>São Paulo </i>2010
São Paulo 2010


<i>São Paulo </i>2003
São Paulo 2003

Aircraft facilities

(fd - 8,800m², ha - 3,300m² / 29,000m³): Flight deck: 265.0.0x51.2m. Hangar: 180.0x(22.0-24.0)x7.0m. There were 2 lifts, fore at centreline (17.0x13.0m, 20t) and aft at deck edge (16.0x11.0m, 20t). There were two BS-5 catapults. Aircraft fuel stowage: 2,000,000l of jet fuel and 1300m³ of aviation munitions.

Project history

Purchased in August 2000; transferred 15.11.2000, departed 1.2.2001 for arrival in Brazil 16.2.2001. Sister Clemenceau, retired in 1997,  was employed as a source of spares for São Paulo's predelivery overhaul at Brest, which included removal of asbestos insulation and deletion of all armament. As Foch, underwent a 14-month refit in 1992-93, receiving new propulsion turbine rotors, refitted catapults certified for 6000 further shots, a nose-gear catapult launch capability, and numerous habitability improvements. Further improvements were made during a 1995-97 refit, including increasing the size of the jet-blast deflectors and adding enlarged retractable "ski-jumps" to the forward ends of both catapults.

The island has three bridges: flag, navigation, and aviation. The flight deck is 257m long overall with an 8º, 165.5x29.5m angled portion; the deck forward of the angled deck measures 93x28m, and the width of the deck abreast the island is 35m. Two 50m Mitchell-Brown type BS5 steam catapults are able to launch 15-20t aircraft at 110kts; one was located forward, the other on the angled deck. Had French-made mirror landing equipment. A small, retractable 1.5-degree ski-jump structure at the forward end of each catapult was added about 1994.

Ship protection

Armour was provided for the flight deck (45mm) with an armoured box 30-50mm over the machinery and other vital parts.


2010: - Siconta-1 CCS; + Siconta-4 CCS

Naval service

São Paulo was stricken in 2017 due to many mechanical problems and very high cost of repair.